Super Concentrated
Hi-EPA Marine Fish Oil
for the Heart, Body and Mind.

We used special concentration techniques to bring you Cardiozen: a formulation that contains 80% omega-3 long chain fatty acids in their natural triglyceride form. This is the most bioavailable form of essential fatty acids, which means these crucial nutrients are readily available for use within the body. Cardiozen is particularly rich in one fatty acid – EPA. This omega-3 fatty acid is converted by the body into prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that may play an important role in a wide variety of body functions, including maintenance of a healthy heart.

The fish oil source has been processed to a pharmaceutical-grade of purity, ensuring you get the full potential of the omega-3 long chain fatty acids included. We have also added CoQ10 to Cardiozen because it plays an important role in the production of energy within the cells of muscle tissue. CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals.

A concentrated delivery of EPA

We developed Cardiozen to provide a particularly pure and concentrated delivery of a specific fatty acid, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). We all have a requirement for this dynamic nutrient especially as the typical Western diet has been largely stripped of EPA. Our need for EPA is supported by various strands of research now showing that this functional fatty acid is clinically proven to be of real benefit for maintaining the health of the heart, body and mind. To get the best results, we source our EPA from a particularly high-spec of marine fish oil. And we then employed pharmaceutical-grade concentration techniques to create Cardiozen, an oil that ensures one can enjoy the optimal potential of EPA.

Creating cardiozen: a unique oil

Equazen is a specialist supplier of highest quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and our philosophy is to only use the highest grade natural-form oils. Cardiozen will give you long-chain fatty acids and natural antioxidants, but the formulation is otherwise free of any additives, flavourings or synthetic compounds. Crucially, we only use natural-form oils: synthetic concentrates are not employed, as these manipulated substances are in a form that is not the most suitable for the body to absorb. The omega-3 fish oil has been concentrated, but our unique process involves deconstructing the fatty acids, and then reassembling them back into natural form triglycerides.

The key points are:

  • Fish sources are sardines and pilchards from the unpolluted southern oceans, harvested when EPA levels are seasonally high due to plankton consumption
  • Any pollutants, impurities and volatiles are cleaned out during initial processing
  • Oil is chilled and filtered, allowing removal of excess saturated fats, and resulting in a pure clear oil
  • The oil is also deodorised to ensure it is devoid of fishy taste and smell
  • We then concentrate the natural source oil, by firstly turning it into a synthetic form called ethyl esters
  • The ethyl esters are concentrated using molecular distillation
  • We then rebuild the free fatty acids back into a natural triglyceride form as this is the most effective form for the body to absorb them

The result of these processes is:

  • An oil of pharmaceutical-grade purity
  • Total omega-3 fatty acids of 80%
  • EPA level of 55%, ensuring optimal potential of this crucial fatty acid
  • EPA to DHA ratio of 6 to 1 ensures maximum EPA efficacy

The Formulation – The unique aspects of cardiozen™

  • High concentration delivery of 80% omega-3 fatty acids in natural triglyceride form
  • Total EPA level of 55% ensures optimal potential of this crucial fatty acid
  • EPA to DHA ratio of 6 to 1 ensures maximum EPA efficacy
  • Fish oil is pharmaceutical-grade, undergoing exceptional purification to remove all pollutants and volatiles
  • Specially processed to remove fishy aftertaste-EPA Marine Fish Oil with Coenzyme
  • Q10CoQ10 is important for intracellular energy production
  • CoQ10 is a potent and versatile antioxidant.
  • Super Concentrated

Benefits of Hi-EPA

  • Many studies have found the benefits of Hi-EPA to include the following:
  • Helps to maintain normal blood pressure
  • Boosts arterial elasticity
  • Reduce blood triglyceride levels
  • Increase levels of ‘good’ HDL-cholesterol
  • Helps to stabilise heart rhythm
  • Helps to reduce blood clotting

Directions for use

One capsule a day will give more than 400 mg of EPA, which is almost in line with research advising a recommended benchmark level for daily EPA consumption to be around 500 mg. So on a maintenance intake, just one capsule a day would be sufficient. For optimal benefit, one can consume a higher intake during the initial 12 weeks, or at particular times when more EPA may be required. There is no real upper ceiling for how much fish oil one should take, beyond what the body can reasonably handle. But more does not equal better: research has shown that taking too much will actually result in reduced efficacy. So in general, we would not advise taking more than three capsules a day, as this would provide 1.2 grams of EPA.

  • cardiozen is not a drug; it is an exceptional nutritional supplement.
  • cardiozen may be taken in conjunction with prescribed medicines, but it should not be seen as a replacement. If you have any doubts about your suitability for cardiozen, you should consult your Doctor or Pharmacist.
  • Because EPA assists in circulation, and does have an anti-platelet effect, there are cautions for those taking prescribed anticoagulants, such as warfarin. Again, please check with a qualified medical professional if you have any concerns about concentrated omega-3 supplementation.
  • cardiozen works well in conjunction with statins. One of the side effects of statins is a depletion of Omega -3 and CoQ10 levels which can cause nasty side effects. Cardiozen is an ideal supplement to help restore these levels.