Exclusive Interview with Dr. Eduardo Barragán

Dr. Eduardo Barragán is a Pediatric Neurologist at the Hospital Infantil de México, and a leading authority on ADHD. At his ADHD clinic, he has conducted a study to investigate the efficacy of a natural fatty acid supplement, EQUAZEN eye q™.

His groundbreaking findings are currently being published in medical journals. Here is Dr. Eduardo Barragán interview during his latest visit to Toronto.

How did you first hear of EQUAZEN eye q™?
The manufacturer Vifor Pharma contacted me in 2009, when they were launching EQUAZEN eye q in Mexico. I was skeptical, as are most doctors, because natural products often do not have extensive published scientific studies. But EQUAZEN eye q was different. They had done studies and shown significant results. So I agreed to perform a study at my clinic, which is a national institute, dedicated to children and adolescents with ADHD.

How was the EQUAZEN eye q™ study done?
We divided 90 children into three groups. The first group was given ADHD medication (methylphenidate), the second group EQUAZEN eye q and the third group a combination of the two. We followed the children for one year.

What were your findings from this study?
Medication works fast, but the problem is the side effects. I had a dropout rate of over 25% of children in this group within the first 8 months, which is high. In the EQUAZEN eye q group, I started to notice good results after about 4 to 6 weeks. I noticed that especially the inattentive type reacted very well. The children had improvements in attention, concentration, learning ability and mood. We also noticed that motor skills and language organization improved significantly. Finally, a nice side effect was that children with anxiety felt calmer.

What about the group that got both treatments?
In this group, I had a very significant finding; when adding EQUAZEN eye q to the medication, the children needed less in order to reach the desired reduction of ADHD symptoms. Normally we need over 1 mg per kg bodyweight, for the treatment to be effective. But when combining medicine with EQUAZEN eye q we could keep the medication at lower levels of 0.5 to 0.7 mg/kg/day. This is a very significant finding that we are further investigating.

What are the usual side effects of taking medication for ADHD?
The children typically have sleep problems, become hyperactive in the evening, lose weight due to appetite loss, can have anxiety and are generally not happy. These side effects were strongly reduced when using EQUAZEN eye q.

How long did it take to see the first effects of EQUAZEN eye q™?
With stimulant medicine it is immediately, but with EQUAZEN eye q it is important to give it 4– 6 weeks to work. This is when the first improvements are observed. The full effect is typically observed between 8 to 12 weeks.

What would you recommend to parents with a child on stimulant medications that wish to try EQUAZEN eye q™?
I recommend to first discuss it with the treating specialist and to not replace the medication right away. If you have solved the ADHD symptoms with medication but add EQUAZEN eye q, after some weeks you may be able to reduce the medication dosage, resulting in a likely reduction of the medicine’s side effects.

Do you have experience with other similar products?
Yes. For a period of time we actually could not get EQUAZEN eye q in Mexico. This was a big problem, because the other similar products with essential fatty acids did not work as well. We even found one that has almost the same ingredients, but with a different ratio of EPA/DHA/GLA. It did not produce the same results as EQUAZEN eye q. Symptoms of ADHD reappeared in my patients taking the similar products.

What was the most important finding from your study?
It was actually two things. One, that EQUAZEN eye q works very well by itself, for the inattentive type of ADHD and two, that children on medication, who have side effects, could reduce these significantly, if not completely, by adding EQUAZEN eye q to their medication regimen.