Omega 3 supplement
for children.

Managing your child with ADHD

The Intelligent Choice for Clever Kids

When it comes to academic and social conduct most medical professionals agree by now that these can be influenced by a child’s diet. The positive effects of long chain fatty acids (such as omega 3, as contained in fish oil) have been extensively investigated recently and you may have heard a lot about these studies. It is of interest to note that in most of the leading trials only one brand of fish oil supplement has been used – eye q. (Ref 1-12)

The reason scientists use the eye q brand when assessing fish oil supplements? For the most part it is due to the unique eye q formulation which contains specific fatty acids that play a proven, vital role in the development of vision, coordination, learning ability, memory and concentration in children and adults. Eye q also boasts one of the highest qualities of ingredients and manufacture and is produced to stringent EU and World Health Organisation guidelines – which does account for its slightly higher cost. (Ref 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12)

The latest clinical trial, in Mexico, expands on the previously studied and proven effects markedly. While revealing again that young people diagnosed with ADHD showed significant improvements in their symptoms after taking eye q, the Mexican research extended its treatment period to one year– making it the longest trial to date. (Ref 7)

This formulation (the ratio of EPA and DHA is unique in South Africa) means that equivalent exceptional results cannot be ‘assumed’ for other supplements.