Omega 3 supplement
for children.


Ryan, was never an easy boy and people would judge when he acted up in public places, but the fact was that he was just different (…). Our doctor recognized the problem as attention deficit (…). After a few weeks of taking eye q I started to notice a difference. Ryan was calmer, happier and started reading books!

Julia, from the UK speaking about her son Ryan’s, 6, experience with eye q

My son Johnathan, has learning difficulties (…). His teachers would send us notes on a weekly basis informing us about Johnathan’s’ disruptive behaviour and lack of concentration. We tried everything but nothing seemed to work. (…).  After 12 weeks of taking eye q, his behaviour and concentration levels are much better, and his speech is steadily progressing (…) My son finally came home with an encouraging note from his teacher, stating that ‘Johnathan is much more focussed and on topic.’ The teacher added that Johnathan ‘is doing better in school and that his behaviour has improved’.  We are so proud of him!

Susan is proud of her son Johnathan, 6.  Johnathan has been bringing home negative comments from his teachers but with eye q his performance dramatically improved.

But now all three of them are taking it (…)  We are aware how important EFAs are for brain function and we feel comfortable taking the high quality eye q. It has helped our family with the tools we need to perform better.

Maria, and her three sons have several years of experience with eye q. Her eldest son was the first to start taking it because of his problems concentrating at school.

At my clinic I have used Eye q to successfully improve conditions of ADHD in the children we treat. It works very well in combination with medication or as a monotherapy for the inattentive type of ADHD sufferer. I highly recommend this natural and safe product to parents who want to help their children with this serious condition.

Dr. Eduardo Barragan, Paediatric Neurologist at the Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gomez.

My son takes ADHD medication. When he started taking eye q, my son became much calmer. He has appetite again and he is getting less and less impulsive. He also controls his emotions better. We are very happy with the results and talk to everyone we know about it!!

Genevieve is happy that her son is more focussed with eye q.

Thanks to eye q, I saw a huge improvement in my concentration levels. I find it now much easier to study. I am far less anxious since starting with eye q and to my big surprise my mood lightened up and I am happier now. Thank you! I can only recommend this product for those who need it.

Studying became much easier for Jenna B when her concentration and mood improved with eye q.

Tommy eats much more for his meals. He does not feel nauseous anymore. In general, he is in a better mood, less anxious, and falls asleep much more easily. He does not feel the side effects of his ADHD medication anymore. In fall, we want to stop his ADHD-medication and continue with eye q treatment alone. Thank you.

Sarah’s son Tommy, has taken eye q for over 3 months now.

My daughter takes ADHD medication. Before we tried eye q supplementation and added it to her medication, she had mood swings and emotional meltdowns, which made it like walking on eggshells around our house. Because her medication was not balanced properly, she also has trouble falling and staying asleep during the night. When my daughter started taking eye q, I quickly noticed that she had fewer “meltdowns” and that it was much easier to get her out of bed in the mornings because she was sleeping better at night. To my surprise, her concentration levels increased tremendously. For the first time, she is able to sit and focus on reading a book, even chapter books! Before, I could not get her to read a book at all. She has been 2-3 years delayed in reading and writing, but now her skills have improved hugely. Some days she actually asks to sit and read with me.

Moira is so proud of her daughter, who has now less meltdowns and even started reading books, since taking eye q. 

I am a graduate student with a degree in Biochemistry and I am currently enrolled in the Masters program in Immunology. I obtained the diagnosis of having attention deficit and hyperactivity dysgraphia in my second academic year. While ADHD medication has saved my education, it also made me feel very stressed and have spontaneous nervous tics. I thought eye q was only for kids, I tried it and the first thing I noticed was hat my stress levels decreased and that my nervous tics disappeared after about a month of supplementation. I also felt that Ritalin’s peak effect levelled off much more smoothly, which helped me to feel much more balanced.

Supplementation with eye q helped Francois G., to decrease the side effects of Ritalin.